Friday, 31 July 2009

IDF Cast Lead Report

I advise you to read blogger Elder of Ziyon's take on the IDF's (extensive) Cast Lead report. He picks out some examples of the resoning behind mistakes that resulted in civilian casualties, and basically illustrates how at the same time as the IDF's morality and good intentions they can and have been completely misinterpreted.

Self-Hating-Seth Was In NW London!

The thought makes me simultaneously shudder in disgust, and wish I had met him so I could tell him to his face what I think of him. So what's he written in the Guardian this time? Well, that the "blind spot" when it comes to the Good Jews Of Britain, is their support for Israel. He's another one that complains about "dissenters" being called self-haters and traitors. I'm sorry, if you're an Israeli who hates Israel, then, yes, you are a self-hater and a traitor. He criticises those (like me) who accuse Israel's haters of, well, hating Israel, and who love it when someone is sympathetic to Israel. Wow, so observant. Of course I freaking love it when someone stands up for Israel, it's such a rarity I want to throw a party for everyone who says nice things about Israel. I love you, Chas Newkey-Burden! G-d bless you, Colonel Richard Kemp! (who, by the way, Self-Hating-Seth, has fought in wars and knows what he's talking about when he says the IDF is the most moral army. And, yes, I know SHS, that you've also fought in the Israeli army but somehow you've proven that if you're already a liberal-lefty sychophantic self-hating Jewish Israeli then fighting in the IDF isn't going to change your mind.) SHS goes on:
"While there is never an excuse for antisemitic violence or rhetoric, we must do everything in our power to put ourselves above reproach so that the racists cannot find any hook for their bilious attacks."
And there you have it. The reason why Self-Hating-Seth is self hating. He's scared. A coward. Well you know what, Seth? The rest of British Jewry isn't like you. We're not scared. We're proud, proud to be Jewish, proud of Israel, and proud to support Israel. Even if it means we suffer anti-Zionism and antisemitism. It isn't going to make us think that Israel is all wrong. It's not perfect, but I'd like to see how any other country would deal better with the challenges that Israel is faced with. People have always hated Jews, always hated Israel, but unlike SHS, we can take it.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Palestinian Authority To Name Streets After Terrorists

These are terrorists who are still alive in Israeli prisons, and were directly involved in attacks that killed Israelis. A PA minister said "This is the legitimate right of the Palestinians. We have the honor and duty to honor our prisoners in recognition of their sacrifices and steadfastness in Israeli prisons." Sickening, but not really surprising. And here's yet another self-hating Israeli who wrote a column for the Guardian complaining about his treatment as a self-hating (or left-wing) Israeli. Well, what does he expect? No one likes a self-hating Israeli - apart from other Israel haters. He talks about the 'propaganda' in Israel during Cast Lead but seems to forget that the rest of the world didn't hear any of that. The rest of the world only sees one side of the story. They only hear the dubious 'Breaking the Silence' soldiers' confessions of 'war crimes'. Only in Israel do they report the reality when those confessions turn out to be untrue, and 'Soldiers Speak Out' stories of morality in the IDF, Here's Honest Reporting's take on it.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Would Someone Please Gag Self-Hating-Seth!

I'm all for free speech but not when it's an idiot talking who doesn't make any sense. Seth Freedman (and I'm going to try from now on not to let him get under my skin, but it's hard when he's such a hypocrite), starts his latest moan:
"In many parts of the West Bank, Israel's much-vaunted separation wall is conspicous by it's absence."
He goes on to say that the wall is only 60% completed, that some of it is only flimsy, unguarded fences, and that it is "child's play" (his words) to dodge checkpoints and the fence, and "enter Israel entirely at will without encountering a single soldier or slab of wall", and then, I kid you not, he calls it a "non-existent barrier". So what point is he trying to make? That the wall isn't such a big deal? No. His point is that it isn't the wall that has caused the dramatic decline of close to 100% in suicide bombings. He then says that if anything, the wall would increase the likelihood of violence because of it's "crippling impact on life for the Palestinians". So the fence goes from non-existent to crippling. But wait, there's more! Freedman criticises the settlers who feel unprotected by the wall, as he says there is a strong presence of Israeli soldiers in the West Bank, but that sort of contradicts his earlier claim that terrorists can easily wander round the WB and into Israel without getting caught by the IDF (when in fact on average at least 1 Palestinian is arrested daily at a checkpoint carrying a knife or some other weapon). To conclude, Freedman is an idiot. Ignorant, hypocritical, and therefore no credibility. Perfect for the Guardian, who love him over there. Even when he calls the fence 'non-existent' they'll still agree with him because they know he will somehow make that a bad thing for Israel.

Monday, 20 July 2009

It's Self-Hating-Seth Again!

This time, in his Guardian column, Seth Freedman moans about Israel's 'cynical' cellcom advert, that, he says, "makes light of the West Bank barrier". I personally like the ad, it's fun. As for the fence part, well I'm sure whichever Palestinian on the other side is kicking the ball back and forth is having a good time too. It's sad but true that the situation is that they have to play with a wall between them. Freedman though, compares the ad to the idea of a Palestinian florists' ad showing flowers flying over Gaza like rockets and landing in vases in Israeli homes. There's a difference though. The rockets are aimed to kill Israeli civilians. The wall is not there to kill anyone, just to prevent the deaths of innocent Israelis, in which it has, thank G-d, succeeded. But that doesn't seem to matter to Freedman, only that the advert ignores:
"That the wall is detested by millions of Palestinians, has been ruled wholly illegal by an international court, and has been proved to be a tool for blatant and brazen theft of Palestinian land".
There's no denying that it must be very unpleasant living behind that wall, but, and I truly am sorry to sound so callous here, it's simple really: don't do the crime if you can't do the time. The Palestinians should have thought about the consequences of their actions before they decided to blow up hundreds of Israelis. When you think about it really, they got off quite lightly. It's just a wall. It's an ugly wall, it's a nuisance, it isn't nice. But it isn't killing anybody. So here's the advert.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Human Shields

Israel was accused of using human shields in Gaza by Amnesty International today. Israel's been accused of a lot of things that turn out not to be true. When it's own soldiers make 'confessions' about IDF misconduct they turn out not to be true. So moving on... Palestinians are reporting that a girl was killed, and others wounded in a battle between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian gunmen today. The IDF was responding either to Palestinian gunfire, and/or an attempt to detonate a bomb. Notice that whenever the IDF targets Palestinian terrorists, there always seem to be civilians in the same area. Don't hold your breath for Amnesty International to condemn this use of human shields. UPDATE: After investigating, the IDF (which we know is more reliable than Palestinian 'sources'), discovered that a Palestinian girl had been killed - by Palestinian mortar shells, which were also the cause of any Palestinian civilians wounded in the incident.