Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Guardian Balance?!

The Guardian has actually exposed it's readers to a dark and dangerous pro-Israel article, for once. And they don't like it. Rivka Carmi, president of Ben Gurion University, makes an excellent case against Self-Hating-Neve-Gordon's calls to boycott Israel. Her article was also in the LA Times, and, in an extremely rare case of balance, the Guardian has included it on CiF! As expected, though, the Guardian readers and commenters completely miss the point. (The Guardian obviously knew they would before they uploaded the article, which is why on rare occasions it does publish pro-Israel pieces, with the writer inevitably getting abuse from it's deluded readers). Carmi describes BGU's
"community outreach and scientific innovation", how her "professional career has focused on preventing hereditary genetic diseases in the Bedouin Arab community", that "the laboratory that I founded at Ben-Gurion University is working with Bedouin, Palestinian and Jordanian doctors and researchers to improve the health of Arab children across the region", and about the development of "advanced water technologies to solar energy, environmental conservation and emergency medicine".
And the majority of Guardian-ites still want to boycott Israel, and by extension, Ben Gurion University and all their work and contributions. They hate Israel so much they would even deny Arabs the benefits they get from Israeli research!


  1. Great post!

    You're spot on: the Israel bashers advocate boycotting Israel even when that involves denying Arabs the benefits of Israeli advances in medicine.

    These hypocritical calls for a boycott are nothing but anti semitism, dressed up as 'anti zionism'.

    Interesting, isn't it, that these pro boycotters NEVER demand boycotts of Saudi Arabia - where women can't drive nor leave their homes without male chaperones. And where rape victims get PUNISHED!

    The only country they want to boycott is the one JEWISH state. That says it all.

  2. Thanks!

    The hypocrisy is so blatant, they go on about human rights but they really don't care unless Israel is seen as the "oppressor".

  3. guardian-ites and human rights org don't hate israel, they are just not afraid to criticize her. That's a big difference, dude.