Monday, 12 October 2009

The Guardian Just Gets Worse And Worse

First, they give the Left's beloved terrorist-sympathiser George Galloway a column in which he goes on about poor old Iran being bullied about its nuclear weapons, and calls it a 'sophisticated state'.

Chas Newkey-Burden asks,
"In what sense is Iran “a sophisticated state”, George? In the sense that it rigs elections and then persecutes and murders peaceful protestors? In the sense that it hangs women in public squares after perfunctorily finding them guilty of adultery? The way it does the same with men because they are gay? Or maybe Iran’s sophistication is seen in how its legal system executes children and cuts the hands and feet off offenders. Perhaps it is the non-free press that so proves its sophistication, or the imprisoned bloggers? Or the large parts of the country where people wallow in darkness and squalor due to its messed-up energy and economic policies?"
Then the Guardian ignore a letter spelling out their anti-Israel bias because they hope if they ignore it it'll go away. Read the letter here on CifWatch, it's amazing.

Then they mysteriously, "accidentally"
omit all the names of the Israeli Nobel Peace Prize Winners from a list of all winners, ever.

And on top of that, in their
editorial about Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize (I cannot believe I just said those words), the Guardian made a reference to "Israeli-occupied Gaza", only later remembering that in fact Israel disengaged from Gaza several years ago, and replacing 'occupied' with 'blockaded'.

In other news, an
excellent website has been set up by a number of bloggers, which discredits the insanely inaccurate Goldstone report on Cast Lead.


  1. galloway is an excellent columnist.

  2. Yes, he is, if you support terrorists like Ahmadinejad.

  3. why is mr Ahmadinejad a terrorist for you?

  4. Because he wants to kill all the Jews. He might not have acted on it directly, but does that mean that a Hamas rocket isn't harmful just because on occasions it misses the target and doesn't cause any damage? The intent is what counts. (and let's not forget the whole nuclear bomb thing, and supplying Hamas with weapons)