Monday, 31 May 2010

"Peace Activists" Attack IDF

Late last night, the IDF boarded a fleet of "aid" ships that were aiming to break the naval blockade of Gaza. Israel had given several warnings not to do so, and told the group to dock at the port of Ashdod, where the supplies would go under security checks and then be taken to Gaza by land.
They refused.

Israel boarded with the intention of leading the ships to Ashdod themselves. According to reports, backed by video evidence, on one ship where the violence took place, the “peace activists” lay in wait for the IDF to board, then attacked the soldiers with axes, knives, chairs, metal bars, chains, tools and even guns - both their own, and that they had taken from IDF troops. It was only once the "peace activists" had started shooting at Israeli soldiers that the IDF opened fire. 9 activists were killed in the fighting. 

It is notable that the IDF managed to take control of the other 5 ships without having to use force. This would refute claims that the IDF acted aggressively first, and not in self-defence. This was a lynching attempt; a life-threatening situation where soldiers were shot at, stabbed, severely beaten, thrown overboard and down stairs, and a helicopter almost brought down.

As for those “aid” groups who organised the campaign, unsurprisingly almost all of them have links to terrorist organisations and/or have spoken out themselves in support of terror against Israeli civilians, most notably the radical Islamic organisation/humanitarian relief fund, the Turkish IHH, with it’s support of Hamas.

Elder of Ziyon meanwhile, lists instances of where ‘Free Gaza’ has shown itself to be more in support of Hamas than of the Palestinian civilians.

Of course the Guardian’s article on the ‘Free Gaza’ movement fails to mention any of this. 

And that, I suspect, is a sign of how the reporting will be over the next few hours, days and weeks, with facts about the radical and antisemitic "aid" groups, and the nature of their attack on the IDF soldiers - who did what any other country would have done - being omitted and so stirring up another worldwide anti-Israel and antisemitic frenzy.

The next question is, will the US and the new UK government get caught up in it, or will they look at the whole picture?

Updates: More information from Honest Reporting.

Live blogging at Muqata, including more video evidence of the attack.

Reuters misidentifies injured Israeli soldier in picture as pro-Palestinian activist.
BBC report: shows the footage of an Israeli soldier landing on the deck and immediately being beaten with a metal bar by an activist. Narration over the video? "Activist fights back". Never mind the evidence staring us in the face, if the Arabs say that Israel attacked first, it must be true.
Witness account: describes how Israel exercised restraint on board the ship, until they had no choice but to open fire when their lives were endangered by the attackers - sorry, "peace activists".

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