Friday, 3 December 2010

Devastating Fires In Israel: Some Help, Some Celebrate

Since yesterday morning fire has been raging through the North of Israel in the Haifa area.
9800 acres (40,000 dunams) of land has been destroyed, including residential areas and forests.
17,000 people have been evacuated.
At least 40 people have been killed - prison guards whose coach got caught in the flames as they travelled to evacuate prisoners to a safe area - most likely Palestinian prisoners, who were not harmed.
Meanwhile, many Palestinians and Arabs celebrate this tragedy.
There are numerous indications that this is an arson attack as a wig and bicycle were found near the centre of one fire, two arsonists were caught trying to start a new fire, and several fires have started in other locations, these incidents all extremely likely connected.
Help has arrived from Bulgaria, France, Jordan, Russia, Turkey, Spain, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Holland, Canada, America and Britain. My faith has been restored a little by the fact that these countries were able to overlook their attitudes towards Israel in the I-P conflict, and to know that not everyone believes Israel deserves to burn.
Most amazingly, the Palestinian Authority has also sent help, 21 firefighters and three trucks. This is extremely generous of them, despite the fact that, whatever they say about Israel, they for sure know that if anything like this happened in Gaza or the West Bank, Israel would be there to help.
Please pray for all those affected and for the rain that Israel desperately needs.


  1. Where did you hear that Palestinians and Arabs celebrate?
    I am not talking about Hezbollah, but about Palestinian form the West Bank or Arab Israelis.

  2. One Palestinian said: "There is no need to tell you how delighted we are that more than 40 cadets who tortured prisoners were killed in this fire. We never met with your compassion when Israel attacked us. Let the fire consume (Israel)",7340,L-3993799,00.html

    A Palestinian op-ed is "happy" that those people burned to death.

    Muslims celebrating online

    Arabs celebrate in the street in their village near Haifa

  3. Here's another example of how Arabs celebrate the fire. They put up this revolting video on youtube. Viewer discretion advised.

  4. Al Qaeda claim responsibility

    Another Palestinian op-ed expressing euphoria
    (both from EoZ)

    CifWatch publishes comments made on

    More comments discovered by Jerusalem Post, calling for Jews to burn