Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Gilad Shalit Billboard Campaign

A billboard of Gilad Shalit has been put up in Manhattan, for one month, near the headquarters of the UN, to mark five years that Gilad has been held by Hamas, since 25th June 2006..

I apologise that I didn't blog this earlier (I only opened the email from Gal Sitty, the campaigner, now), but thankfully the campaign succeeded in raising the $10,000 needed to fund the billboard. Please G-d this amazing campaign will succeed in bringing about Gilad's freedom soon and in good health.

More about Gal and the campaign here.

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  1. just last Thursday they had a ceremony in S.F. for Gilad Shalit making him officially a "citizen of S.F." whatever that means. but i guess any show of support should be welcomed.
    i'm leaving this message on any pro-Israel blogs i come across. there is a blog site that is loaded with confrontations and demonstration Youtube videos between pro-Israel activists and supporters of terror in the San Francisco Bay Area. yes there is support for Israel here and you are not alone! the blog consists of minimal text with mostly just just preview photos and Youtube links. i will be updating this blog with more videos over the course of the next few days. leave a comment if you want to get in touch and network or otherwise just enjoy the videos as we stick it too the Israel bashers like we did recently at a pro-palestinian parade contingent in Berkeley CA. on the 10th Anniversary of 911