Monday, 18 January 2010

Three Days After Haiti... Who Is Commemorated?

Three days after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, in which up to 200,000 people are estimated to have died, over 150 people gathered in Trafalgar Square for a commemoration, and five minutes silence... for Gaza.

They held up sheets of paper with the names of 1417 victims (of which over 700 were terrorists, and many more were killed either by being used as human shields by Hamas, by secondary explosions, or by Hamas rockets accidentally landing in Gaza instead of Israel.)

"I came here to show my solidarity with the Palestinian people. I feel that they are being ignored", one protestor said, ignoring the hundreds of thousands of Haitians in need of aid.

But one protestor didn't forget Haiti:
"Andrew Medhurst a banker said: 'I am appalled that the British government is either too scared or has an agenda which means it can't criticise the Israelis. Everybody needs to say this is not right and put pressure on the government'. His daughter compared the damage to Gaza to the damage caused by the earthquake in Haiti."
No wonder the girl is so brainwashed, if her father thinks the British government never criticises Israel. Were the Haitians to hear of this comparison, I'm sure they would have a similar reaction to Jews when Gaza is compared to the Holocaust: i.e. if only it was just a "blockade" and a war against armed terrorists, instead of hundreds of thousands killed.

Meanwhile, the Gazans themselves have been collecting for Haiti (also comparing Cast Lead to the earthquake, but at least they're contributing something.)

And Israel of course, was the first to set up a field hospital in Haiti, where they are the only ones equipped to perform operations. They have treated hundreds of injured , and delivered several babies (one of which was named 'Israel' by the grateful mother). They also rescued numerous survivors from the rubble, including eight university students rescued by Zaka.

You can read more stories of Israel's efforts on the IDF spokesperson site and see amazing footage on their YouTube account, CNN's video report, and Sky News .

And don't forget to donate. (it won't be stolen by Hamas and used for weapons)

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