Wednesday, 13 January 2010

UK's Appreciation Of Antisemitism

If anything was to prove the existence and obvious, continuous escalation of antisemitism in the UK, it's this.

British TV audiences' favourite Channel 4 programme in the year 2009 was Peter Oborne's Dispatches documentary on the Israel lobby.

The documentary was borderline antisemitic and the perfect example of the type of journalism it claims doesn't exist - because of the "Jewish lobby's" supposed sinister campaign to stifle criticism of Israel. What the documentary does is demonize Israel, demonize Jews who support Israel, and create a Jewish conspiracy where there is none.

And the audience just loves it.

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  1. The British media is unrelenting in its demonising of Israel.

    Yesterday I attended an annual lobbying day at the House Of Commons, jointly arranged by the Zionist Federation and the Christian Friends Of Israel.

    A number of politicians spoke to us. Most were great - but two in particular illustrated how little the British government understands about Gaza and Israel and the issues in general.

    It was alarming, frankly.