Thursday, 4 February 2010

Israel Being Disproportionate Again

"Terror attempts were up in January, according to a report released Thursday by the Shabak Israel Security Agency. 
Eighty attempts were recorded during the month, compared to 51 in December. The most significant increase was in the firing of mortar shells, which went from three in December to 28 last month." 
There were also 13 rockets fired in January compared with six in December.

And what was Israel's reposnse to the Palestinians' 80 attempts to murder Israelis?

The IDF bombed five tunnels (used for smuggling weapons), a weapons-manufacturing facility, and attacked a group of terrorists about to launch rockets into Israel, one of whom was killed - an Islamic Jihad field commander known to be behind dozens of IED and gunfire attacks on Israel.

There's disproportionate for you.


  1. you know what's also disproportionate? Operation Cast Lead. Check the body count (ratio) on both sides.

  2. It's not the people killed you should be counting, but the attempts at murder (and some that worked)- of which 10,000+ have been made by Hamas and Fatah terrorists over the years, mostly by rockets but many in other ways, such as stabbings, shootings and bombings.
    Meanwhile Israel killed 700+ terrorists in Gaza. If you want things to be proportionate, perhaps Israel should randomly kill 80 Palestinians for the attempts to randomly murder Israelis this month.
    But that's not how it works.