Thursday, 4 February 2010

More Proof That "Pro-Palestinians" Aren't Really Pro-Palestinian

How does supporting Hamas help the Palestinians? Why does it appear to be only Zionists who try to expose Hamas' corruption, thereby benefitting the moderate Palestinians who don't want to be drawn into Hamas' war games? In an op-ed in November, Khaled Abu Toameh wrote:
"If anyone is entitled to be called 'pro-Palestinian,' it is those who are publicly campaigning against financial corruption and abuse of human rights by Fatah and Hamas. Those who are trying to change the system from within belong to the real 'pro-Palestinian' camp.
These are the brave people who are standing up to both Fatah and Hamas and calling on them to stop killing each other and start doing something that would improve the living conditions of their constituents...
...The 'pro-Palestinian' activists in the West clearly do not care about reforms and good government in the Palestinian territories. As far as these activists are concerned, delegitimizing Israel and inciting against 'Zionists' are much more important that pushing for an end to financial corruption and violence in Palestinian society."
An incident that recently occurred at Toronto's York University is exactly the problem Toameh is citing.
A Hasbara student group was running a campaign at the university called "Free Palestinians from Hamas", where they were also creating awareness of Gilad Shalit. Inevitably a group of around 50 anti-Zionists gathered there, chanting anti-Israel and antisemitic slurs. Whilst pushing away cameras that were filming their abuse and aggression, they hit two of the Hasbara students. Another time when the Israel activists were campaigning, an 'Israeli Apartheid Week' activist told them "you should be ashamed of youselves".
"Free Palestinians from Hamas", and the Israel-haters still couldn't see past their hate that there is more to the Palestinians' suffering than just getting caught in the war between Israel and Hamas, but that their leaders are the direct cause of much of their suffering. Again and again the Palestinians' leaders get away with murder, literally, because people are so focused on painting Israel as the villain. They're so blinded by their hatred that when someone tries to expose Palestinian corruption, instead of listening or doing something about it, they just dismiss it as Zionist propaganda. Maybe deep down they do care a little bit about the Palestinians, but obviously not nearly as much as they hate Israel and... dare I say it... Jews.


  1. Thank you for drawing attention to incidents like this and to the corruption in the palestinian leadership in general. These issues definitely need to be more widely publicised

  2. Too bad the whole thing's a hoax. See Shalom Life's article at
    See also the excalibur's Security footage debunks assault allegations

    So when is Hasbara going to apologize for perpetrating this fraud onto the Jewish community and York University?

  3. Not bad, Anon 2. However, "the whole thing's a hoax" - not so much. Maybe no one was physically assaulted, but the articles make it clear that there was an argument going on, and that the pro-Palestinian protestor's version was also untruthful:
    "There was never a mob,” he said. “There were four of us, and they [Hasbara] were surrounding us and making personal attacks on us and yelling shit at me.”
    There was no violence from either side in the video, so this is a lie. Also the video shows 30 people around the table. Another lie.
    The point I make remains, that supporting Hamas does not help the moderate Palestinians.

  4. Oh no not an argument! We should never have arguments at university, certainly not about Israel. The fact is Hasbara not only exaggerated the size of the crowd but they also lied about the assaults and about having called the cops. Good thing they didn't call the cops or they'd now be at risk of being charged with filing a false police report. Now all that will probably happen is some non-academic discipline.

  5. First of all, read my comment. It's not Hasbara that exaggerated the size of the crowd but it was the pro-Palestinian protestor, who claimed that there were only four of them, being attacked by the Jews.

    Secondly, again read my comment. The "argument" I am referring to is the fact that these "pro-Palestinians" show support for Hamas - which makes them anti-Palestinian.

    And now read my post again. The whole point of it was to show what morons pro-Palestinians can be, that they hate Israel so much they will support Israel's enemy, Hamas, even though it doesn't help the moderate Palestinians. Clearly, you're on that team.

    Finally, please read my comments carefully (my suggestion for you is 3 or 4 times), and digest, before you make pointless remarks that force me to repeat myself because you didn't understand what I said the first time.