Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Al Qaeda No. 2 In Crazy Rant Which Kind Of Makes Sense

In an audiotape on an Islamist website, Al Qaeda's number 2 terrorist Ayman al-Zawahiri lets rip all his pent up feelings in a hilarious rant that rivals the infamous French Taunter's "English pig-dogs" tirade in Monty Python:
"Poor Obama comes to Kabul pledging that Taliban will not return to power... You threaten the Taliban; you are just a puppet of the tyrants"
... I blow my nose at you, sons of a silly person! 
He does makes an interesting comment though, that "These Arab Zionists are more dangerous than Jewish Zionists". At first glance, this is a load of nonsense, spoken by a psycho. None of the Arab leaders he challenges are anything close to being Zionists. And neither they nor the "Jewish Zionists" are "dangerous" in the ways which he refers to.
But his fear (which he disguises as contempt), is somewhat understandable. Why should he be scared of Jews? (whilst he's cowering in his cave). The Arab leaders he mentions aren't as obviously Islamist and terror-supporting like Ahmadinejad, so it's no wonder he's scared they're turning into Zionists, and he's worried of their betrayal!
It all makes sense when you look at it from the angle of Israel's enemies. On the one hand, there are the barbaric, mass-murdering Islamist terrorists. And on the other, are the "intellectual" types, the liberal-lefties, the Western leaders - our supposed "allies" - and self-hating Jews. These are the people we are supposed to identify with. "Normal" people. The people who fight for democracy and freedom and equal rights. 
But more and more, they are the people who are denying Israel it's right to self-defence and existence, and we are becoming increasingly alienated as age-old antisemitism reproduces itself as discrimination against Jews as a nation rather than a religion. When our friends and allies start to turn against us then it really is a dangerous time for Jews and Israel.
So even though al-Zawahiri is very deluded in his fears - Israel is the one thing the Arab world seems to agree on, in that they want to destroy it - if the Arabs were to turn into Zionists, it would indeed be disastrous for the anti-Zionists! Now the Jews on the other hand, we make up less than 1% of the world population, we're nothing to worry about!

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  1. Indeed a sick irony! Such a distorted mentality brings out the reality of terrorist's activities which are founded on the wrong notion of what is truth, what is important and what is worth-dying for.