Friday, 16 July 2010

Confirmed: British Jews Love Israel!

The Institute for Jewish Policy Research have released the findings of a survey of British Jews' attitudes to Israel

JPR's executive director, Jonathan Boyd concluded that:  

"Jews in Britain are pro-Israel and pro-peace. Their hawkishness on some issues is typically motivated by a clear concern for Israel's security, while their dovishness on others reflects a deep-set desire to see the country at peace".
Results that stand out include:

90% believe that Israel is the ‘ancestral homeland’ of the Jewish people

- 72% view the security fence/separation barrier as ‘vital for Israel’s security’

- 72% agree that the Gaza War was ‘a legitimate act of self-defence'

- 87% agree that ‘Iran represents a threat to Israel’s existence’

More from Robin Shepherd.

There are some disappointing findings, such as that 67% want to give up land to the Palestinians and that 74% are opposed to the expansion of settlements, but it is heartening to see that on the whole British Jews are clearly very supportive of Israel and of the necessary actions taken to ensure the security of Israeli citizens. 

Although the sample of 4081 people may not be representative of British Jews from every category, it does confirm one thing: that the lefty self-haters are indeed in the minority. Jewish support for Israel is as strong as ever.

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