Thursday, 7 April 2011

Hamas Strike Israeli School Bus, Fire 50 Rockets, Then Call For Ceasefire

Today Hamas fired an anti-tank guided missile deliberately at an Israeli school-bus - minutes after most of the children had got off. A 13 year old boy was critically injured, who Hamas called a 'settler'. People are asked to pray for Daniel Aryah ben Tamar.

After the attack, Hamas fired 50 rockets into Israel, and then called for a ceasefire, like they did a couple of weeks ago after they fired rockets, and before they fired some more.

On Monday, an Israeli actor and pro-Palestinian activist was shot dead in the West Bank by Palestinian terrorists. The Palestinian charged with the murder is Hamas but was previously in Fatah's terrorist group Al Aqsa Martyrs.

Meanwhile, it turns out Hamas were responsible for the pipe bomb in Jerusalem that injured one Israeli, two weeks before the bus-station bomb.

This is the boy injured today:


Goldstone should be feeling particularly uncomfortable with all this, considering his retraction of his retraction - that despite his confession that the report on Cast Lead is full of lies against Israel that have no basis in fact, he doesn't want it nullified.

So Hamas can continue to fire rockets onto Israeli schoolchildren safe in the knowledge that there will be no Goldstone report into their war crimes, that only Israel's response will be condemned.