Sunday, 3 April 2011

Recent Antisemitism In London

Two weeks ago there was a "Celebrate Palestine" event at SOAS university, as part of "Israel Apartheid Week". Four pro-Israel activists attended to try to educate those misguided lefties on why Israel actually isn't apartheid, with some help from Elder of Ziyon posters.
The civilised discussions ended when one pro-Palestinian activist said that "the best thing that Jews have ever done was to go into the gas chambers. It was the best thing to happen to Germany to have been cleaned of Jews. The same thing needs to happen in the Middle East." He had no objection to being filmed, saying that "these things should be heard".
When asked by an activist if he could be filmed, the antisemite said yes, and that "these things should be heard". Another man came up and told him he didn't have to be filmed or interviewed, then "launched himself at the activist, grabbing his camera, punching him and then biting him on the cheek".
It's not surprising that people who seem so intent on denying Israel it's legitimacy and right to self-defence are capable of such disgusting words and violence, but they usually do make a bit more of an effort to hide their antisemitism. One of the pro-Israel activists who was there said "I didn't think I would ever get to a stage in which I would feel like a Jew in Nazi Germany, and I don't say it lightly".
Unfortunately, an even more recent incident has given me and a lot of other people that exact feeling. Every week there are aggressive demonstrations in front of the Ahava dead-sea products shop in Central London. Because of complaints by other shops on the street, Ahava's lease will not be renewed and they will be forced to leave when it expires in September. Colin George who manages the clothes shop The Loft next door, said:
"I'm pleased Ahava is leaving. It's brought the street down. I've complained to the landlords, as has everyone here. Everyone would like them to leave. I wish they had left two years ago. Protesters are just going to follow them around, wherever they go. Maybe the should be an online business instead."

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