Sunday, 26 July 2009

Palestinian Authority To Name Streets After Terrorists

These are terrorists who are still alive in Israeli prisons, and were directly involved in attacks that killed Israelis. A PA minister said "This is the legitimate right of the Palestinians. We have the honor and duty to honor our prisoners in recognition of their sacrifices and steadfastness in Israeli prisons." Sickening, but not really surprising. And here's yet another self-hating Israeli who wrote a column for the Guardian complaining about his treatment as a self-hating (or left-wing) Israeli. Well, what does he expect? No one likes a self-hating Israeli - apart from other Israel haters. He talks about the 'propaganda' in Israel during Cast Lead but seems to forget that the rest of the world didn't hear any of that. The rest of the world only sees one side of the story. They only hear the dubious 'Breaking the Silence' soldiers' confessions of 'war crimes'. Only in Israel do they report the reality when those confessions turn out to be untrue, and 'Soldiers Speak Out' stories of morality in the IDF, Here's Honest Reporting's take on it.

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