Thursday, 2 July 2009

Human Shields

Israel was accused of using human shields in Gaza by Amnesty International today. Israel's been accused of a lot of things that turn out not to be true. When it's own soldiers make 'confessions' about IDF misconduct they turn out not to be true. So moving on... Palestinians are reporting that a girl was killed, and others wounded in a battle between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian gunmen today. The IDF was responding either to Palestinian gunfire, and/or an attempt to detonate a bomb. Notice that whenever the IDF targets Palestinian terrorists, there always seem to be civilians in the same area. Don't hold your breath for Amnesty International to condemn this use of human shields. UPDATE: After investigating, the IDF (which we know is more reliable than Palestinian 'sources'), discovered that a Palestinian girl had been killed - by Palestinian mortar shells, which were also the cause of any Palestinian civilians wounded in the incident.

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