Friday, 31 July 2009

Self-Hating-Seth Was In NW London!

The thought makes me simultaneously shudder in disgust, and wish I had met him so I could tell him to his face what I think of him. So what's he written in the Guardian this time? Well, that the "blind spot" when it comes to the Good Jews Of Britain, is their support for Israel. He's another one that complains about "dissenters" being called self-haters and traitors. I'm sorry, if you're an Israeli who hates Israel, then, yes, you are a self-hater and a traitor. He criticises those (like me) who accuse Israel's haters of, well, hating Israel, and who love it when someone is sympathetic to Israel. Wow, so observant. Of course I freaking love it when someone stands up for Israel, it's such a rarity I want to throw a party for everyone who says nice things about Israel. I love you, Chas Newkey-Burden! G-d bless you, Colonel Richard Kemp! (who, by the way, Self-Hating-Seth, has fought in wars and knows what he's talking about when he says the IDF is the most moral army. And, yes, I know SHS, that you've also fought in the Israeli army but somehow you've proven that if you're already a liberal-lefty sychophantic self-hating Jewish Israeli then fighting in the IDF isn't going to change your mind.) SHS goes on:
"While there is never an excuse for antisemitic violence or rhetoric, we must do everything in our power to put ourselves above reproach so that the racists cannot find any hook for their bilious attacks."
And there you have it. The reason why Self-Hating-Seth is self hating. He's scared. A coward. Well you know what, Seth? The rest of British Jewry isn't like you. We're not scared. We're proud, proud to be Jewish, proud of Israel, and proud to support Israel. Even if it means we suffer anti-Zionism and antisemitism. It isn't going to make us think that Israel is all wrong. It's not perfect, but I'd like to see how any other country would deal better with the challenges that Israel is faced with. People have always hated Jews, always hated Israel, but unlike SHS, we can take it.

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