Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Would Someone Please Gag Self-Hating-Seth!

I'm all for free speech but not when it's an idiot talking who doesn't make any sense. Seth Freedman (and I'm going to try from now on not to let him get under my skin, but it's hard when he's such a hypocrite), starts his latest moan:
"In many parts of the West Bank, Israel's much-vaunted separation wall is conspicous by it's absence."
He goes on to say that the wall is only 60% completed, that some of it is only flimsy, unguarded fences, and that it is "child's play" (his words) to dodge checkpoints and the fence, and "enter Israel entirely at will without encountering a single soldier or slab of wall", and then, I kid you not, he calls it a "non-existent barrier". So what point is he trying to make? That the wall isn't such a big deal? No. His point is that it isn't the wall that has caused the dramatic decline of close to 100% in suicide bombings. He then says that if anything, the wall would increase the likelihood of violence because of it's "crippling impact on life for the Palestinians". So the fence goes from non-existent to crippling. But wait, there's more! Freedman criticises the settlers who feel unprotected by the wall, as he says there is a strong presence of Israeli soldiers in the West Bank, but that sort of contradicts his earlier claim that terrorists can easily wander round the WB and into Israel without getting caught by the IDF (when in fact on average at least 1 Palestinian is arrested daily at a checkpoint carrying a knife or some other weapon). To conclude, Freedman is an idiot. Ignorant, hypocritical, and therefore no credibility. Perfect for the Guardian, who love him over there. Even when he calls the fence 'non-existent' they'll still agree with him because they know he will somehow make that a bad thing for Israel.

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