Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Peace Activist Or Palestinian Activist?

The Guardian reports that an Israeli "peace activist" is being jailed for protesting the demolition of (illegal, I'm guessing, although the article fails to mention that) Palestinian houses. The article describes his sad situation, his alienation from right and left wingers, and having to face homophobic taunts from those homophobic Israelis who behead gays. Oh, sorry, it's Sharias that do that. Nawi talks about how he's seen the checkpoints and the barriers with his own eyes. Don't worry, the rest of the world has also seen it. And the effect it's had on Palestinian terrorism. After he was arrested, for allegedly punching Israeli policemen, he says:
"Yes, I was also a soldier, but I didn't demolish houses."
But I bet he would have glady demolished the Jews' houses in Gaza in the disengagement. The man is a Palestinian Activist, not a Peace Activist, make no mistake.

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