Friday, 19 June 2009

Youth Charged For 'Free Gaza' Graffiti - But Not For 'Kill The Jews'

The 19 year old, whose fingerprints were found at the place in his college where he graffitied on the wall 'Free Gaza', has been charged £120 compensation. Even though on the same wall, and in the same paint (and I'm guessing the same handwriting too), it was written 'Kill The Jews', the kid denied he wrote it and escaped a charge of 'racially aggravated damage'. Neither of his two friends, who were seen with him at the time, were charged.
'Chairman of the bench Neil Making said: "This is not acceptable behaviour. The college is there for everyone and it has a right to exist without being targeted with graffiti and vandalism."'
Absolutely right. It's great to see such a tough stance taken on vandalism in the country. The desire to murder Jews, on the other hand, doesn't seem to bother them very much.

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