Saturday, 13 June 2009

Breaking News: A Self-Hating Jew Writes For The Guardian!

Seth Freedman lives in Jerusalem (the b******d! I want to live in Jerusalem!) but doesn't seem to like Israel very much. So what does a Jew who lives in Israel but doesn't like the country do? Write for the Guardian of course! It's one of their requirements, you see: "Are you Jewish? Do you wish you weren't so you wouldn't be affiliated with that facist state, Israel? Then come and write some crap for us! Comment is free and so is lying!" According to Freedman, we're making way too big a deal about the BNP thing over here in the UK, and should be more concerned about Israeli 'nationalism', which in his words is “a fully fledged nightmare scenario that has been wreaking havoc for months”. And Israel is "a prime example of what happens when the lunatics are allowed to take over”. I don't feel threatened by the BNP's success, it's not as if they're suddenly going to ship out all the Blacks, Muslims and Jews from the country. (Although if they wanted to send all the Jews to Israel I probably wouldn't have many complaints.) So Freedman is right there. But with all the problems in all the countries in the world, his biggest concern is Israel? Or, to put it more accurately, the Palestinians. He essentially calls Israel apartheid. You can read the truth about Arab's rights in Israel here. Freedman needn't worry so much about the Palestinians then. Well, at least not at the hands of Israel. Whilst there's constant talk about Israeli war crimes, this story that surprisingly made it into the Daily Mail, about a 15 year old Palestinian boy who was tortured and hung by his family for suspected 'collaboration' with Israel, generated no response whatsoever from readers, and there's not much talk either about the human rights of Palestinian youths who risk their lives working in Gaza's illegal tunnels. In other news, Gaza terrorists fired a rocket at the Negev on Saturday night. Now there's the voice of democracy. Bad Israel!

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