Thursday, 4 June 2009

Just Another Day In The West Bank

Two Hamas members and a Palestinian policeman were killed in the West Bank today, by each other. On Monday there was another gunfight between Hamas and Fatah which left 6 dead. There is a hilarious comment written on the Times article of Monday's incident:
"I am 45 years old. For my entire life this same article could have been written daily. Enough is enough. Bibi end it now. End it right now, today, this minute. I am done. Simply done with the wringing of hands and the weeping and wailing of stories."
I'm glad to hear she's done with the hand-wringing, weeping and wailing. It would be best if she's done with reading the news as well, before she starts demanding that Bibi ends swine flu and the recession. This response sums it up:

"What a great comment by Rachel. Not in the slightest bit interested in the information rendered - only in the opportunity to condemn Israel regardless of the connection. Such ignorance and hatred brimming under the surface: you can't wait to let it escape - even if it has no relevance whatsoever."

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