Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Hawk Defies Obama

James Hider of The Times reported yesterday that Netanyahu has defied Obama and said "screw you, I will kill all the Palestinians." Ok, that last part isn't true. But Hider did write the first part, even though Netanyahu has, for the first time, considered a Palestinian state. Netanyahu's speech has drawn criticism from the left and the right, but I can't see what other choice he had. He couldn't say there would be no Palestinian state ever, and of course he couldn't say the Palestinians could have their state and build up an army of terrorists to destroy Israel, either. Regarding the settlements, I guess Netanyahu means a Palestinian "state" would be built around the major ones. If the Palestinians want a state, they will have to compromise and negotiate. They have not shown, Gaza being a prime example, that they deserve to be given any land whatsoever, so Israel will dictate what they can have, and like Netanyahu said, those settlers are our brothers and sisters and they should not be forced out of their homes. Of course, though, there are those (the same ones that say Iran should have nukes and Israel shouldn't), that say of course the Palestinians should have an army, some even going so far as to say that Israel shouldn't. They obviously haven't read the Hamas or Fatah charters. Or they have and they want Israel destroyed. Much as I don't want a Palestinian state, it is now up to them to decide whether they will accept one on Israel's conditions.

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