Thursday, 25 June 2009

Israeli Soldiers Faced With Dilemma

A Palestinian man reported to some Israeli soldiers on duty nearby that his friend had fallen down a cliff. Now you have to guess the end of the story. Is it: A. Being Israeli soldiers, they stood at the top of the cliff, pointed and laughed at the wounded Palestinian lying at the bottom, and then shot him dead. Or: B. Being Israeli soldiers, they had an Israeli Airforce rescue helicopter dispatched, and the wounded man was evacuated to an Israeli hospital for treatment. Here's a clue: In general, Israeli soldiers aren't the evil, soulless b******s they're made out to be. On the one in a million chance that an incident like the first scenario would occur, it would, rightly, be all over the news. But when the second scenario plays out, when Israelis save Palestinian lives, whether it's Israeli soldiers, paramedics, passers-by, or doctors in an Israeli hospital, as happens frequently - it's only news in Israel, no one else wants to know. It's not an amazing thing for an Israeli to save a Palestinian whose life is in danger, it's something any decent human being would do. And that's the whole point.

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