Monday, 1 June 2009

Proud Zionist

I’ve decided to start this blog as a way for me to respond to all the anti-Zionism (and the antisemitism that comes with it) that you find in the media, and to expose some of the daily hypocrisy and bias against Israel. Being the proud Zionist that I am, I want to show the other side of the story when it comes to Israel and Jews. What the media doesn't count as newsworthy. The good things - and the truth. And instead of getting into pointless* online arguments with deluded, brainwashed, Hamas-loving, Israel-hating bigots, I’ll just rant away over here! Hopefully all the other proud Zionists will enjoy my rambling, and the anti-Zionists will get p****ed off. Well, either that or they'll see how great Israel is! (But I'm not holding my breath!) Let's just see how it goes... *Pointless because, talking to those people is a lot like talking to a brick wall, and more like talking to a deranged robot that is programmed to repeat over and over again something about genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

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