Wednesday, 3 June 2009

UN in Gaza to probe Israeli 'war crimes'

A UN delegation arrived in Gaza on Monday to investigate Israeli 'war crimes'. There's an enlightening interview with Amira Hass, a journalist for the left-leaning Haaretz newspaper. She seems to hate Israel so much, you wonder why she's living there, then you realise that she actually lives in Gaza, and although her reason seems to be so that she can report the 'truth'... well, I live in London and I can probably see the truth of Gaza clearer than she can. So, according to Hass, Israel's refusal to co-operate with these investigations means that Israel is hiding something. Which is that, apprently, Israel is exaggerating the threat from Hamas. This woman lives IN Gaza, maybe from her side of the fence the rockets look like fireworks. She also says that she barely saw any Hamas combatants (that's because they hide in crowds of civilians and don't wear "terrorist" stamps on their heads) and that "there is there is no way that the Israeli figures about casualties is correct."* She also observes that with their unsophisticated rockets "there is no way they could stand up against the Israeli army." She has completely missed the point. First of all, of course there's no way Hamas can stand up against the IDF - when the IDF is in Gaza (alhough they give a good fight with their human shields and bombs in mosques). But when the IDF is not in Gaza, who does she think Hamas are targetting with the rockets? She also mentions how journalists were allowed into Sderot but not Gaza. That's an interesting point because I don't seem to remember seeing pictures of injured Israelis and damaged kindergartens in all the papers. And is she saying that if journalists were allowed in Gaza they wouldn't have made up that story about the 40 dead in that UN school that turned out to be a lie? (only 12 died, 9 of which were Hamas). Then she rambles on about how the rockets didn't liberate the Palestinians from the 'occupation' (you don't say), and about settlements. This current investigation can go two ways: either they make up stories of Israeli atrocities and no one cares because everyone already thinks Israel is committing a genocide in Gaza, or they don't find proof of war crimes (because Israel didn't commit any), and everyone thinks Israel's gotten away with it once more. Either way, equilibrium is established and we can all go back to our daily lives.

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