Wednesday, 10 June 2009

All Jews Are Extremists, Hate Obama, And Play The Antisemite Card

Well, that's what you might think judging by the widely publicised reactions of Jews to Obama's Cairo speech. 'Widely publicised' being the operative phrase. You might also thing that all Jews are drunk, ignorant and racist. In today's Times, the headline reads "No you can't, Israeli hawks tell the President". The Times loves the word 'hawk'. Lieberman is a hawk. Netanyahu is a hawk. Right-wing Israelis are hawks.
Whilst you can't blame Israelis for making that (photoshopped) poster of Obama wearing a kafiyah (after all, he is very fond of Muslims and reportedly has connections to Islam himself), calling him an antisemite is a bit much. No wonder people don't take accusations of antisemitism seriously.
Obama visited a concentration camp, he wants Ahmadinejad The Holocaust Denier to go there. Maybe Obama dislikes Israeli Jews, (he doesn't seem very concerned about Iran's threat to them), but in other ways he has demonstrated that he is not antisemitic. So I don't think Obama's an antisemite but I also don't think he cares enough about what's best for Israel. I don't hate him but I don't like his ideas. I'm not a drunk idiot so I won't wish harm on him although I'd prefer the US had a different president. And I don't particularly want a Palestinian state but that doesn't mean that I want the IDF to kill all the Palestinians for fun either (which they don't, but sometimes the way it's reported it sounds like they do), so I'm not an extremist even though I am a Zionist. Is there something wrong with that? I'm sure there are many others who share my views, so why does the media only find the drunks and extemists?

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