Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Hamas Were Involved In Failed Terrorist Attack (Really!)

Hamas revealed on one of their websites that the Janud Ansar Allah terrorists (4 of whom were killed by Israel in their failed attack) trained in a Hamas camp, and had been given weapons and vehicles by Hamas to carry out the attack. It's basically Hamas getting other groups to do their dirty work for them, giving them help whilst not getting so much blame. Sneaky, but it won't work. Israel has decided, as it should, that it "considers Hamas responsible for any attacks against Israel from Gaza's territory". Which they are, almost all of the time. Even if they're just the inspiration for violence. Meanwhile, in a campaign to gain international legitimacy, Hamas leaders have said that "only by speaking to Hamas can U.S. President Obama hope to reach Middle East peace" - but at the same time, "Hamas has no intention of renouncing violence". Try getting your head around that one!

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