Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Palestinians' Life Of luxury Compared To Other Arabs

Palestinian Arabs have a higher life expectancy than Arabs in other countries. This is despite all their suicide bombings and terrorism, and despite the civilians, opposers and 'collaborators' treatment by Hamas and other Palestinians. It is probably helped by the fact that they are often treated in Israeli hospitals by genius Israeli doctors, and that they receive a disproportionate amount of aid compared to other people in need such as those in Darfur. Some other facts:
"the gross domestic product in Judea, Samaria and Gaza is $3,380 per person, higher than in Egypt, Jordan and Syria"
"Although the United Nations frequently reports on the dire straits of Arabs in Gaza, 44 percent of Egyptians live on less than $2 a day"
"Life expectancy for PA Arabs is 73.4 years, higher than almost every other Arab country, except for Oman and Bahrain, where the average is 75.6 years, while Arabs in Egypt live on average to the age of 71.3 years and in Jordan 72.5 years."
"Literacy in the PA is 92.4 percent, compared with 71.4 percent in Egypt and 80.8 percent in Syria."

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