Sunday, 2 August 2009

Obstacle To Peace?

The Times reports that according to the British consulate, extremist (don't forget the 'extremist') "Israeli settlers 'are wrecking [the] peace process'". And what else does the consulate say is wrecking the peace process? What else does the Times report is an obstacle to peace? Fatah calling for violence against Israel and rejecting it as the Jewish state? Or perhaps Hamas threatening to boycott "unity talks" with Fatah? Neither, of course. They're just minor blips. According to the British consulate, and the Times, as usual it's those dreaded Israeli Extremist Settlers who are the real obstacle to peace. So they moved into some Palestinians' illegal houses after they were evicted. Sure, it must be a bit annoying for the Arabs there to have to live in such close proximity to those filthy Jews, but calling them 'extremist' is a bit much. It's not like they're blowing up Palestinian buses or firing rockets at them. UPDATE: This article explains more about the eviction.


  1. those settlers are really violent and dangerous for peace. luckily, obama knows how to deal with that...

  2. Like I said, it's not like they're blowing up Palestinians or killing them. Only setting pigs on them, or so the story goes.
    As for peace, they have nothing to do with it. We're still waiting to hear the Palestinians proposals for peace.
    As for Obama, he has an outpost named after him. Givat Obama, or Obama Hilltop, not far from Jerusalem. The IDF razes it down but the settlers build it right up again.