Saturday, 15 August 2009

Violence And Killing In The Religion Of Peace

24 have been killed, including 6 civilians (war crimes! war crimes!) in clashes between Hamas and, says the BBC, "a radical Islamist group". (As though Hamas itself isn't a radical Islamist group). The group is actually the Jund Ansar Allah, (connected to Al Qaeda), who failed in their attempted terrorist attack on the Gaza border, using 'suicide' horses. The BBC article ends:
"Hamas's full title is the Islamic Resistance Movement, and it faces opposition from within its own membership and support base if it cracks down too hard on groups for either engaging in acts of resistance against Israel or activities presented as Islamic. This week Hamas decided that it had had enough."
Alhough Hamas says that -
"The Jund Ansar Allah is the group that was responsible for the terror attacks on internet cafes, wedding parties and music stores in Gaza over the past year"
- it all seems quite ironic when Hamas' "virtue campaign" has just recently started getting exposure. The group call Hamas "unreligious", implying that they are too moderate (!), and they want to implement Sharia law in Gaza. They even used suicide bombings against Hamas in the fighting. And then, irony of ironies, Hamas blame Israel for this!
"Haniyeh described the group as one that took advantage of youth and infused them with 'strange ideas' based on acting against so-called atheists in a violent way... He said the dire conditions [of Israel's "siege" on Gaza] fostered negative thinking in younger generations."
Sounds like Hamas are having a taste of their own brainwashing, hate-and-violence inducing medicine. Of course that means I can't condemn Hamas for using violence against the group, because as with Israel, when you are faced with such an extremist group that is opposed to democracy and all about violence, there is no other option than to fight back. UPDATE: Hamas believe that the group were armed by Fatah. Although that doesn't make much sense since Fatah are supposed to be so much more secular than Hamas.


  1. no, it makes sense, just you don't see it

  2. It doesn't make sense because Fatah are secular, they wouldn't want Sharia law.