Thursday, 27 August 2009

Send The Guardian Your Letters

The Guardian has printed a selection of letters today that are quite hostile to Israel, and need to be addressed. June Forsyth Kenagy from New York asks,
"how on earth can you promote a new Middle East agreement that is only between the US and Israel? Therein lies the root of the problem: not only a lack of respect for the human rights of Palestinians, but utter failure to treat them as equals."
June is confused and someone has to explain to her that Hamas don't want peace, and will not negotiate because the only thing they want is Israel's destruction. Cathal Rabbitte from Switzerland says,
"Israel won't recognise Hamas, refuses to discuss East Jerusalem, does not accept the 1949 ceasefire line as Israel's border, and expects 450,000 settlers to be integrated into an expanded Israel. There doesn't appear to be anything to talk about."
Again, very confused, and needs to know that on the contrary it is Hamas who refuse to recognise Israel. And Israel does recognise Hamas - for what it is, a terrorist organisation that seeks Israel's destruction. Israel has done enough talking, it's now time for Hamas and Fatah to say what they want. (But we already know what that is - and it isn't peace.) Tim Llewellyn from London says,
"So Israel is going to be asked to reduce, very minimally and temporarily, its illegal acquisition of Palestinian land, while Iran is going to be subjected to possibly wounding disciplinary action for its legal uranium enrichment programme."

I'm not sure what one has to do with the other, but whilst Israel's aim there doesn't threaten the existence of the Palestinians, Iran has explicitly stated it's aim to "wipe Israel off the map". Legality shouldn't come into it! Unless ,of course, you are more concerned about some shacks being built than the possibility of Israel being nuked. (Which does seem to be the case among Guardian readers and lefties.) It is typical of the Guardian to only print this one-sided selection of letters, so I urge anyone reading this to send in your own letters to, referencing the relevant letters above from 27th August, and include your full name, full address and phone number (the last two won't be printed).


  1. No, no, can't agree here. You're wrong on many issues. Firstly, Israel really don't want to recognise hamas and refuses to discuss East Jerusalem. You can't deny it.

    Secondly, iran didn't really threat israel with attack, all that "wiping off tha map" was misunderstood. Mr Ahmadinejad only suggested that israel's regime (not country) will dissapear/collapes by herself, as did Soviet Union. It is israel that threats iran with attack.

    Overall, Guardian is a decent media source, which is not afraid to criticize anyone, including israel. Amen.

  2. Like I said, Israel does recognise Hamas for what it is, a terrorist organisation bent on the destruction of Israel and without a care for it's own people.
    If we refuse to discuss E Jerusalem, so what? Let the Palestinians renounce terror first, then we'll talk.
    The Guardian is afraid to criticise one group of people: the Palestinians.
    If you think Israel would be in no danger if Iran had nukes, you're beyond help.

  3. -Hamas is a terrorist organisation for Israel, but not for, say, Russia or China. Their charter is very old and one shouldn't take it too seriously, because Hamas already said it won't object Palestinian state living next to Israel.

    - Palestinians are the weaker part in the conflict. They fight against the israeli occupation. They already got back Gaza. I agree they should renounce terrorist tactics, but if all palestinians simply lay down their weapons, would that bring any points in negotiations for East Jerusalem? Don't think so.

    -I don't agree with you about Guardian. IMO you're overreacting.

    -beyond help? Don't think so. Look at India and Pakistan - they don't like eachother, but since both have nukes, neither of them will start a war. Another example was the Cold war. Therefore I think nuclear Iran would actually prevent any bigger conflict or war in the region. Not to mention that Iran still has no nukes and is years away from it.

  4. Hamas' charter should be taken seriously, because 1. those rockets aren't a joke, and b. "Hamas: we won't accept 2 state solution", 5th September

    It's been said before, if the Palestinians renounced violence there would be peach, wheras if the IDF did, Israel would be destroyed.

    Your comment about Iran is ridiculous, they hate Israel like the Palestinians do, and when the Palestinians have weapons they use them.