Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Seth Freedman Spouts Nonsense Faster Than I Can Keep Up!

Someone needs to create a Seth Freedman Watch blog because I'm struggling to find the time to dissect his frequent nonsensical rantings! His latest, claims that the Swedish newspaper report that IDF soldiers murder Palestinians and steal their organs, is not antisemitic. And Seth Freedman is not self hating! His claims are taken apart at CiF Watch and Elder of Ziyon, who points out that "Freedman's test of anti-semitism is whether the accusation is against all Jews based on a libelous interpretation of Jewish religious teachings." Which is ridiculous, because, as EoZ points out, that would mean that claims of Jewish control over the media or the banks or whatever aren't antisemitic! So according to Freedman then, there is no antisemitism. Because he wouldn't consider the most common antisemitism, hidden inside anti-Zionist arguments, to be antisemitic; only anti-Zionist.

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